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Great School Logos Make a Difference

Established colleges and universities already have official school logos, but every activity, event, and organization that falls under the educational umbrella can benefit from a spectacular logo.

Whether you are re-branding your favorite campus social club or creating a website to show off your research, creating a memorable logo will help new people understand your efforts more clearly.

Free Logo Maker for Education

The free Logo Maker from Namecheap helps make your education logo ideas a reality. When you are hosting a fundraiser and need an official logo for posters and flyers, Logo Maker can help. If you are starting a business to help pay for your education, Logo Maker can be the starting point for building your new brand.

Types of School Logos

Use this list of common college activities to brainstorm for your top school logo ideas:

With Logo Maker, you can generate your logos from school or from home. This free, cloud- based tool works on desktops, smartphones, tablets, and all operating systems.

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