Is my university eligible?

  • We currently support select universities in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Here is a list of supported schools: Check List
  • If you find that your university is not eligible, send us a request and we'll consider your school!

What is included in the Student Bundle?

  • Free .ME Domain (1 year)
  • Discounts on .com/.io/.link/.rocks/.club/.website/.co/.design (1 year)
    • $5 .com
    • $25 .io
    • $3 .link
    • $5 .rocks
    • $0.99 .club
    • $0.99 .website
    • $0.99 .co
    • $5 .design
  • Free GitHub Pages 1­ click setup
  • Free Private email account

How long is my Bundle free?

1 year. After that, the Standard Bundle (.ME, GitHub Pages and WhoisGuard) is $18/year

I just registered by domain. How do I setup my GitHub?

When you finished the registration process, there was a link to setup GitHub. If you didn’t setup your services then, don’t fret. Simply click the link in the email we sent you to verify your email and you’ll have a second opportunity to configure your free services.

I just registered by domain. How do I configure my Private Email Hosting?

What happens if I never received my confirmation email?

Sometimes university spam filters are a bit overly aggressive. Check your spam folder and if it’s not there, drop us a line!

What is the point of the leaderboard? What can my school win?

  • 1 school will “own” the Namecheap Education front page for a week. Picture it now: Namecheap Stanford Week!
  • For the top 3 schools, we will start and crowdfund