Is my university eligible?

  • We currently support select universities in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Here is a list of supported schools: Check List
  • If you find that your university is not eligible, send us a request and we'll consider your school!

What is included in the Student Bundle?

  • Free .ME Domain (1 year)
  • Discounts on first year registration: .com / .io / .club / .website / .co / .design
    • $4.88 .com
    • $24.88 .io
    • $0.48 .club
    • $0.88 .website
    • $5.88 .co
    • $5.88 .design
  • Free GitHub Pages, Exposure or Ghost

How long is my Bundle free?

The first year of your standard bundle (.ME + Github Pages / Exposure / Ghost + Whoisguard) is free. After the first year, you will pay:

  • $15 per year for the GitHub Pages bundle; or
  • $25 per year for the Ghost bundle; or
  • $45 per year for the Exposure bundle.

I just registered by domain. How do I setup my GitHub?

When you finish the registration process, we will provide a link to setup GitHub Pages. If you forget to setup your services then, don't fret. Simply click the link in the email we sent you to verify your email and you'll have a second opportunity to configure GitHub Pages.

I just registered by domain. How do I setup Exposure?

Exposure will send a welcome email to the email address you registered with. This email will contain a unique link to setup an account. If you did not receive this email within 24 hours, please drop us a line.

I just registered by domain. How do I setup Ghost?

We automatically begin provisioning the Ghost site and free SSL certificate for your new domain once the order is complete. Sometimes DNS propagation on new domains can take several hours, so please be patient. Once you're able to view the newly created Ghost blog on your domain please head to the admin page to setup an account, which is found at []/ghost.

What happens if I never received my confirmation email?

Sometimes university spam filters are a bit overly aggressive. Check your spam folder and if it's not there, drop us a line!

What if I no longer want to keep my bundle?

We will send an automated notification 30 days in advance letting you know that the domain will auto-renew. This email will also provide you an option to opt-out.

How many free or discounted domains may I recieve?

This offer is limited to one of each TLD per household/business. If you renew your bundle through, we will unlock your account for an additional redemption of both a free .me domain and the other discounted TLDs.