Namecheap for GitHub Students

Get a .me domain and 1 SSL Certificate FREE for 1 year with your GitHub Student Developer Pack.

Get online with Namecheap + GitHub

Namecheap helps people around the world get their ideas online through domains, hosting, security, and more, all at affordable prices. We’re proud to help power the next generation of software engineers and developers. You’re the people who will map the future of the Internet, and you can use Namecheap alongside your GitHub Student Developer Pack to carve your own unique part of it with a FREE .me domain.

Throughout your student years, Namecheap will be ready with the services, support, and expertise that future web innovators like you need. And we’ll still be here for you when you’re ready to take your ideas pro. So, you can add Namecheap’s 24/7 support and free services like our Logomaker to your GitHub Education benefits.

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Exclusive offer for registered GitHub Students

Build your ideas in your very own piece of the Internet with a .me domain and 1 SSL certificate FREE for 1 year. Extra domain deals also available to you are:

$24.88 .io

$0.48 .tech

$8.88 .com

$0.48 .website

Namecheap offer FAQ

How do I get started and claim my offer?
You can easily Get started right here to register your free .me and SSL Certificate, or hit the Get Free Student Offer button above.

For how long are my Bundle offers for free?
You get the first year of your standard offers (.me + free SSL Certificate) 100% free. After the first year, you will pay the standard annual registration costs for the domain and SSL. For example, the standard annual registration price is currently $4.88*

What if I no longer want my offers?
30 days in advance of the first year coming to an end, you will get an email notification letting you know that they will renew automatically on expiry. The email will also give you the option to cancel.

How many free or cheaper domains can I have?
This offer is limited to one of each domain per household/business.

How many free SSLs can I get with .me domain?
The offer is limited to one SSL certificate per household/business.

* Subject to change